An hour's workout keeps you fit

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SWEAT IT OUT A few laps of jog and brisk walk coupled with a few stretch exercises can work wonders on your body
SWEAT IT OUT A few laps of jog and brisk walk coupled with a few stretch exercises can work wonders on your body

A simple fitness schedule not helps in staying in shape but also keeps one mentally and physically fit

The concept of fitness is not limited to gyms, aerobic haunts or yoga centres it can be practiced at the park in one's neighbourhood. Much has been written about fitness and why it is necessary mainly due to the changing lifestyle and the stressful daily routine. Here are a few tips on how one can stay fit by simply going to a ground or a park in the neighbourhood for an hour either in the morning or in the evening depending upon one's convenience."One hour workout everyday can work wonders on the body. It develops power, endurance and energy levels in the body which in turn give the body a defined look," says Peter Das, a former national hockey player turned coach. For beginners Peter breaks up the schedule into four segments spanned over four weeks. First weekFor starters who intend to take up the fitness path, this is the most crucial week as the body will be stiff and will not support the command as desired. Start the session with a walk for about 30 minutes. The walk should be a combination of normal speed and brisk walk. A few metres of normal speed coupled with a few metres of brisk speed. One can wear a tracksuit to get warm quickly. The sign of sweating signals that the muscles are now ready for a few stretch exercises. The next 30 minutes should be devoted for a few common stretch exercises. It could be a combination of simple bending exercises, swinging of arms and legs and rotation of hips and other joints including the neck. This module should be continued for a week so that the body becomes a little flexible and gets ready for the next module. Second weekThe schedule should begin with 20 minutes of fast-paced walking. This should be followed by 15 minutes of serious stretching with special focus on the hamstring region and spine. Followed by 10 minutes of joint rotation exercises. After this the body is ready for a jog. The jogging should essentially be a combination of brisk walking and very slow jogging. Walk for 20 metres and then jog for another 20 metres. After 15 minutes, close the session with five minutes of stretch exercises. This would relax the muscles and bones and tone them up for the next day. Third weekBy the beginning of the third week, the body is tuned for little more rigours. This is the period when the body and the mind begin to coordinate with each other. Start the schedule with brisk walking for 10 minutes, followed by stretch and loosening exercises. Then jog for 30 minutes. If continuous jogging is difficult, combine it with brisk walking - jog for 100 metres and walk for 25 metres. Conclude the session with 20 minutes of stretch exercises. Fourth weekAfter five minutes of brisk walking, take up jogging plus brisk walking for 30 minutes. This should be followed with stretch exercises and aerobics. The aerobic exercises should be like spot jumping, a bit of skipping and high knee movements. Conclude the session with five minutes of stretching. DietPeople going through the schedule must cut down on curd, mutton and rice cooked in pressure cooker.


The boxing sister duo Kuljeet and Gurbir Minhas are adhering to the schedule for the past one year and informs that they have reaped dividends. Both the sisters are national boxing champions and have been out of the boxing circuit for the last one-year for academic reasons. But one-hour of workout everyday has kept them in shape."The simple schedule has only kept us in shape but has made us mentally and physically more alert," say the sisters.SUMIT BHATTACHARJEE




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