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The French Information Resource Centre at Alliance Francaise de Trivandrum has been renovated and these are a few of the books in English in the field of Arts.

Desert Eves: an Indian paradise; photography: Hans Silvester, text: Catherine Clement

In the Thar Desert of Rajasthan, the women live a hard life, without electricity, without running water, without doctors. With only the simplest means, they keep their homes scrupulously clean and decorate them with wonderful designs. With the barest of resources, they clothe themselves so richly that their costumes have been copied by fashionable women in the West. The intensity of this simple life is captured marvellously by Hans Sylvester’s lens.

Hitchcock and France: James M. Vest

Providing one of the best specialised study of Hitchcock, James M. Vest analyses every commentary on Hitchcock films from ‘Rope’ (1948) to ‘North by Northwest’ (1959) in French magazines and papers. Deleuze on Cinema: Ronald Bogue

Through this book, Ronald Bogue provides us a thorough and reliable guide to Deleuze’s thought on the art of film.

French Garden Style: text: Inès Heugel, photograhy: Christian Sarramon

For every area of a garden, this book presents the individual accessories which will complete even a corner. It helps you to find the perfect seat or table, position a row of lanterns to maximum effect, or create a niche for stone and terracotta pots.French Cinema: A student’s guide: Phil Powrie and Keith Reader

Written by authors with extensive teaching and writing experience in French cinema, this is the first introduction to French cinema that contains information usually found in separate volumes.

Paris from Above: Yann Arthur-Bertrand

These spectacular images offer a bird’s eye view of the streets, the world famous monuments, the tiny quarters with their trees and squares and all the glorious roof tops of Paris.

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