A History of Costume in the West: François BoucherA fascinating text that explores an endless succession of styles and fashions, materials and accessories with illustrations drawn from engravings, paintings, manuscript illuminations, sculptures, tapestries, drawings and photographs.Transmitting Culture: Régis DebrayA new approach to the cultural history of communication taking into account the history of religion and the printing press to the French and industrial revolutions. Pity in the Fin de Siècle French Culture: Liberté, Egalité, Pitié: Gonzalo J.Sánchez Jr. A documentary evaluation of how the French academic philosophers, educators and novelists in the Fin de Siècle (broadly demarcated as the years between 1880 and 1914) engaged in a historically significant scrutiny of pity and its relation to ethics, politics, literature, gender and education.Ostinato: Louis-René des ForêtsThe remarkable fictional autobiography of one of France's most beloved writers who was awarded the Grand Prix National des Lettres in1990.French Spirits- A House, a Village and a Love Affaire in Burgundy: Jeffrey Greene An affectionate memoir, luxuriant with the pleasures of rural France in the form of wondrous food and wine, long-held rituals and feasts, dark superstitions and deeply rooted history.The French Interior in the Eighteenth Century: John Whitehead A passionate and illustrative account of the French interior of the Eighteenth Century, a period of great inventiveness and originality in French decorative arts and interior decoration.