How do Bangaloreans chill out? Obviously by haring it to the pool. Duh!

With this year’s unusually hot summer, people are heading to the pool to cool off. City-based national-level swimmer Nisha Millet, who also runs a swimming academy, says “Once people finish work work, they want to exercise. Most people don’t find sweating it out in the gym a particularly attractive proposition. So everyone is taking to the pool. We’ve had a really good response to our adult batches. Normally more kids would come for our summer courses since it is the holidays. But this time we have seen a surge in the number of adults as well. Luckily, we have a lot of options in the city if we want to hit a pool.”

On why she thinks the trend is making waves, she says the obvious reason is the heat. “The second reason is that people are realising swimming is a healthy option. Swimming is one sport with no injuries. And with people living very sedentary lifestyles sitting in front of the computer, it’s easily the best workout.”

Nisha goes on to say a lot of people with back problems also frequent pools now. “We have at least 20 to 30 people, who are recommended swimming for certain medical conditions.” She adds that many are taking swimming very seriously. “Earlier people used to opt for swimming only because they would go snorkelling in their holidays and needed to know how to swim. Now with events like the iron man triathlon and the running revolution, people are realising that swimming helps in more ways than one. Now we get a lot of adults who want a proper tough workout. They pant and cough at the end of the workout but still come out fresh since it’s nice and cool.”

People are realising swimming is a healthy option and easily the best workout