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BOOK It’s All About Smiles is a light-hearted journey through a dentist’s life

Ranjani Iyer Arumugam is out to make you smile, whether it is after a consultation at her clinic or through her novel It’s All About Smiles . The book, launched recently, is a breezy look at the life of a dentist.

The protagonist, Aditi Raman, is a bubbly dentist who looks at the lighter side of things as she goes through college, an internship and begins her career as a dentist.

Dentist’s tales

“After my children grew up, I realised I had a lot of free time. I wanted to do something more than work, and decided I’d write a book. And what better subject than my own experiences in the field,” says the dentist. The book explores the stories of different clients that Aditi meets in her practice.

“It’s a quirky tale about a dentist’s life. It’s loosely autobiographical, in the sense, the incidents are true but I’ve used a writer’s licence and changed the scenarios and names.”

While the book is sprinkled with romance, Ranjani has tried to experiment with humour too.

“The book has bits of everything; romance, fiction, humour and poignancy. It took me about two years to write, and when I finished my first draft, I thought it had been easy. Later, as I edited and re-edited, I realised how difficult writing really was,” she explains.

One of the stories in the book is about a little girl who lives away from her parents, with her grandmother. This is Rajani’s favourite story. “She yearns for her parents, but they are busy and away in another place. Years later, when they ask her to come back, she refuses,” says the author.

(The book is available at bookstores for Rs. 195)





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