Where are all the sparrows?

Where are all the thatched roofs? We now live in concrete jungles that do not have the provisions for sparrows to build nests.

Further, earlier they could feed from rice etc spread out on the terrace. Now, we buy everything off supermarket shelves.

As a conservationist don’t you have the responsibility to save an injured animal while on a shoot?

It may sound cruel, but a sanctuary is not a zoo, where the animals are your responsibility. By saving a dying animal I am depriving food for others such as vultures, hyenas and wolves. The best thing is to not interfere.

Can forest fires be prevented?

Yes, because all forest-fires are man-made, and invariably due to his indifference. Reckless throwing of torches, cigarettes and beedis, or deliberate burning of dry leaves to retrieve fallen antlers are reasons for the destruction.

What are the problems you face from animals inside the jungle?

Strangely, we are worried about our safety only till we reach the jungles. Once we are inside, we are very safe. There have been a few ‘mock charges’, but they were just that – mock!

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