Adding lustre to lips

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MATCH IT WITH YOUR ATTIRE Lipsticks come in matte, frosted and sheer shades
MATCH IT WITH YOUR ATTIRE Lipsticks come in matte, frosted and sheer shades

Lipstick is a must these days in a woman's make-up kit

It's goodbye to lip touch-ups and welcome to latest hues of lipsticks Nisha Its shimmering effect spells magic. "Every beauty-conscious woman loves the sheen of lipstick. I'm one of them," says Sonya Chowdhary, a socialite. Millions like Sonya boost the sales of cosmetic giants. Available in a mind-boggling range of colours and shades, lipsticks are must-haves these days.

Myriad shades

"The splendid shades not only moisturise my lips but also protect them from the harsh rays of the sun," says Anita, a medical practitioner. Her friend Taruni chips in: "For a soft touch, I wear colours that make me feel feminine."The origin of lipstick dates back to 5,000 years in Babylon. It is said that they were made from crushed semi-precious stones. Legend has it that Cleopatra had her lipstick made from crushed carmine beetles with ants for a base, which gave a red colour. Queen Elizabeth I popularised lipstick in the 16th Century. This was made with beeswax and red stains from plants, while fish scales lent the shimmer. In the 20th century, movie stars popularised it.Women exercise great care while selecting their lipstick.

What's in

The latest brands to hit the stores are the ones with staying power. Lakme's 9-to-5 with a colour fix formula from Italy makes one feel fresh for hours with its fruity flavour while Oriflame's kiss-proof formula lasts for 12 hours. "For a youngster like me, a lip-gloss is ideal, as the shimmer, metallic and translucent colours add glamour," says Ishita. Applying lipstick is an art. How does one do it the right way? Says Kavita: "First outline the contours with a lip pencil, then apply the lipstick and spread it with a tissue. Re-apply it for a nice texture and blend it carefully. If you are off to a party, use gold sparkle in the centre of your lips for that extra dazzle," she says.





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