I take a lot of photos. I can explain my life in photos

MY CELL PHONE… is an indispensable gadget for me – it's truly a part of my persona. And I cannot use any other phone, except Nokia. I love to talk. I talk at the speed of a mile a minute. But today, phones are not just an instrument you use to talk or send an SMS. Today, the world is on your palm. I am in my car and I send messages on Twitter or upload photos for my contacts to access. I take a lot of photos. I can explain my life in photos. Now, when I have a camera in my phone, what more do I want? I have documented my entire life in photographs. I have loaded those pictures on my laptop and can therefore easily revisit any of those moments.

MY HYDROGEN GUSHER… is an instrument that you have to regularly fill with water. It gives you a fair idea of the amount of water you consume in a day, it registers the water you have drunk and the amount of minerals you have acquired from it. It also tells you how much water you should drink depending on your body weight and density. I have gifted the hydrogen gusher to a few friends.

MY ROLLING ALARM CLOCK… creates havoc when it rings. At 7 a.m. — that's the time I set it for — it starts ringing and falls off the table adjoining my bed. It keeps rolling throughout the room and you have to get up to shut it. You have no choice but to stir out of bed. A couple of days ago, my dog was sleeping in my room and the clock did its jig. My dog got so annoyed he tried to shut it with his paws.


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