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MUSIC English trance music group Above & Beyond picks on Bangalore for a live performance to celebrate their radio show Trance Around the World (TATW)’s 450th show

THESE GUYSJust want to have fun, and some Indian curry
THESE GUYSJust want to have fun, and some Indian curry

From being the Rock capital of India to the EDM hub of the country, it seems as if Bangalore is now ready to be the Trance centre too. The city is in for a treat as English trance music group Above & Beyond performs here this weekend. Submerge, in collaboration with Anjunabeats and Ark Grupo will be producing this radio show.

Comprising Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness, and Paavo Siljamäki, a trio of DJ/producers who have revolutionised the world of electronic music, Above & Beyond are known for their melodic compositions and emotional lyrics. They have their own record label Anjunabeats, which releases trance and progressive music. They also host their own weekly radio show Trance Around the World (TATW) that attracts more than 30 million listeners per week, making it one of the most popular and longest-running music radio shows currently airing. TATW is heard in 35 countries in six continents via 237 FM stations and to celebrate TATW’s 450th episode, Above & Beyond will perform live in Bangalore.

In a telephonic interaction, band member Paavo Siljamäki, says, “This episode is something off the charts; it’s going to be bigger and better. We’re broadcasting the 450th episode across the world from India. We’re also bringing down some of our favourite artistes — Mat Zo, Andrew Bayer, ‘Norin & Rad’ and Jody Wisternoff.”

While the excitement among their fans is already palpable, the group is kicked about their performance here. Paavo says: “We’re excited that Bangalore is excited. We’ve had so many people getting in touch with us and it’s wonderful to be coming to Bangalore at a time when EDM is shaping up in the country. We’re also happy to be introducing this side of India to the rest of the world. The Internet has made all of this possible and shows like this will remain close to our heart even when the curtains come down.”

Prod him a little about what they have in store for their fans tomorrow and he divulges: “There’s a terrific remix of ‘Black Room Boy’ from our Group Therapy album. We’ve been working on new instrumental bits too but will of course play songs that people have already heard and want to listen to live. This is going to be their best Above & Beyond experience ever.”

The trio, who came together in 2000, has evolved in terms of their music production as well as their popularity. “We haven’t spent too much time looking back or ahead but come to think of it, I cannot believe how 12 years have gone by and the progress we have made is amazing. I am really lucky to be a part of this trio. Things wouldn’t be this way had any of us gone solo. Now Above & Beyond is bigger than it used to be. It isn’t just the three of us anymore. Every fan, every audience, is a part of who we are,” Paavo states. About their musical inspirations, the artiste says: “We’re all inspired by different artistes. What we have in common is our fetish for music from the early 80s like the Pet Shop Boys. I even derive inspiration from film scores and listen to a fair amount of Rock music.”

Above & Beyond have collaborated and performed with many an artiste and Paavo feels “Teaming up with Justine Suissa as OceanLab has, and will always be, exciting. She is a star performer. And there’s no denying that our most famous and memorable remix was for Madonna’s single ‘What It Feels Like for a Girl’.”

While this trance demigod admits to not being aware of Indian DJs and artistes who are into the trance scene, he says: “We hope to meet many like-minded musicians on this tour and who knows what might happen after,” adding: “But we’d like to taste some good Indian curry before that!”

Above & Beyond will be performing tomorrow at Jayamahal Palace. Fans can log on to for tickets.





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