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Donning many hats Priyanka Chopra
Donning many hats Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra says that she is the maharani of multitasking

The world is not enough for Priyanka Chopra who is here, there and everywhere these days. The beauty queen-turned-actor has a slew of films waiting for release including the much talked about “Fashion” and “Dostana”, she also has her comic book avatar and then there are endorsements. One wonders how she manages to fit so many things into a day unless her superpower includes some Hermione-style time bending.

“I am very good at managing time,” Priyanka says with a laugh. She elaborates: “I am great at multitasking. I fit in five working days into one. I have at least five tracks running simultaneously in my head. I sometimes wish, there were more hours in a day, but we only have 24 so… I completely detest having free time. I always have an agenda.”

No plans

Priyanka admits that while she always plans her day: “I have never planned my life.” The leggy beauty acknowledges that her Army background has a lot to do with her take on life. “I have imbibed discipline from dad who was in the Army. I believe in punctuality and respecting other people’s time. I hate delays.”

Time off for Priyanka also is unfortunately “Structured. Every hour is accounted for. But that comes with the job profile,” she says with a shrug. As brand ambassador to Tag Heuer, Priyanka says that she chooses her brands carefully so there is no danger of over-exposure. As far her movies go, “Dhrona” did not exactly set the box office aflame.

“My work in the film has been appreciated. I am proud of being part of different movies. I love movies and I choose movies that I would like to watch. No one wants to watch the same kind of thing over and over again.”

Priyanka, who almost seems to be the face of the millennial heroine, says the Hindi movie actress profile has changed. “There are stories being written for women. We are now playing predominant roles. Bollywood beauties are now saying ‘bring it on’ and they are up to any challenge.”

Ms Prim ’n Propah will next be seen as Meghna Mathur in Madhur Bhandarkar’s “Fashion”. “It is a hard-hitting emotional drama about a girl from a small town who wants to make it big in the big, bad world of Mumbai. She is ambitious and driven but there is also that small-town naïveté, a wide-eyed wonder about the big city lights.”

Priyanka says shooting for the film was “a great reunion. I modelled only for about three months after which I joined films. There was a lot of give and take on the sets, with models learning about filmmaking and me learning about modelling.”

Priyanka says the only similarity she shares with her character is, “We both come from small towns. ‘Fashion’ could have been based in any industry.”


From the glitzy world of fashion, we talk of her other release “Dostana”. “It is completely different. It is a romantic comedy based in Miami.It is a fun film about these two guys and a girl. The film talks about friendship and how ultimately friends are family.”

Incidentally, “Dostana” has nothing to do with the 1980 Amitabh Bachchan starrer of the same name.

“Except the name! The earlier film was Dharma Productions’ first film and Karan Johar is very attached to the name and wanted to use it. And no, unlike ‘Don’ I am not doing Zeenat Aman’s role!”

But she would be in a golden bikini and if that is not eye candy, wonder what is!





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