National Geographic Channel helps kids develop covalent bonds with science with a new series

In NCERT books, there is an activity column in each chapter that suggests how the particular theory can be put to practical use.

Usually, teachers don't take the pain to help students put these activities into practice.

Now National Geographic Channel, in association with Ministry of Science & Technology, has come up with the idea of making simple scientific activities exciting and accessible to school children through a series called ‘Science Mein Twist'.

Rajesh Sheshadri, senior vice president, Content and Communication, National Geographic Channel, says ‘Science Mein Twist' is a fun way to approach science, and will resonate with children all over. The ten-part series is showcased on weekdays on the Nat Geo Junior time band.

The show is hosted by teenagers, Aavik and Khyati, who are bitten by the curiosity bug and set out to explore different aspects of science.

In their journey, they play scientific pranks on one another, meet experts, visit labs, factories and even go on a trek. The series covers different topics varying from sound to space, from genetics to geo-science to excite children into exploring career options in science.

The channel will also showcase a documentary, Cutting Carbon, which takes up the issue of global warming and attempts to encourage individuals to do their bit to save the planet.