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LAUNCH John D. Balian’s “Gray Wolves and White Doves” recently launched

Surmounting the oddsJohn D. Balian
Surmounting the oddsJohn D. Balian

John D. Balian’s book Gray Wolves and White Doves was launched in the Capital recently. The book describes the journey of a boy searching for his identity. The journey begins in a remote village in Anatolia and travels to a dingy dark basement in Istanbul, and from there, onto a seminary in the little known Armenian Quarter of Jerusalem and later through Bavaria and Sweden, and finally to Paris.

Speaking about the book, Balian said, “The story is autobiographical in nature and is close to my heart. The story of the book will touch the reader’s heart. Throughout the novel the boy has to face innumerable difficulties and at the end of the day he emerges victorious. He has to face the adversities of life at a very young age; he loses his mother at the age of five and then he has to run away.”

A life of destitution

The author was born to parents of no education and no means in a remote village in Anatolia near Diyarbekir (a historic Armenian city now in Turkey). Due to unforeseen circumstances, his family splintered and he had to survive alone. Like the boy in his book, Balian led a life of destitution and wandered through Middle Eastern and European countries. His fate differs from that of his protagonist in where it took him eventually. Balian was educated at Columbia University in the U.S. on full scholarship and received a degree in medicine from Tufts University School of Medicine. Currently, he is working as a senior executive in a U.S.-based global corporation. Balian is planning to turn his novel into a motion picture. “I am trying to turn my book into a film. I will also write a sequel to the novel someday.”





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