People: You're on my wish list because I want you to say I belong to your family and vice-versa. Show me off on long walks and tell neighbours how it was love at first sight when you saw me in the puppy enclosure.

Home: A place that wouldn't just be an address, but a haven where I'm kept safe from all things cruel. I'll protect our home in return for your kindness.

Favourites: I'd like to have a favourite treat, a cherished sleeping place and a special toy that you will bring to me when I'm sick. Right now, it's hard for people to understand what I need specifically, but I hear that when the puppy-human ratio is equal, this gets so much easier.

A name: Right now, I'm called ‘the little brown puppy', but I'd love to be called something pretty such as Lucky or Trixie.

Guarantees: So far, life's been confusing and rather scary (I overheard that someone in my rescue batch had narrowly missed being run over). I would love for the ups and downs to give way to a constantly happy feeling. I've seen it in picture postcards with those silly grinning dogs and I want to know what it's like.

More wishes: My naughty best friend went home with a really nice human last week and I'll bet he's thinking about me now, hoping I will be as fortunate as he was. I hope that someday every little brown puppy will become somebody's Trixie or Scooby.

(The little brown puppy in the picture has had her initial vaccinations and has been moved to a foster home before adoption. Call 80562-29363 to take her home or to adopt her friends)