Review Can't decide on what to eat? Choose from an array of traditional Rajasthani and Gujarati dishes and feel like a Maharaja

Having a meal at De Thaali will remind you of the royal feast in the film Jodha Akbar . Treat yourself to curries that your fingers can't count, but with a taste that your taste buds can't forget. At Ohri's De Thaali, Rajasthani and Gujarati food get a representation like no other. Seat yourself under the bright lights and you'll find yourself transported to a court in a Rajasthani palace.

As the restaurant help uncovers the big shiny silver thaali , you'll find yourself overwhelmed at the thought of being served so much food. The quantities exceed expectations when the thaali begins to slowly fill up with around five varieties of snacks. Gorge on the Gujarati Dal Dhokli — with a mildly sweet taste, complemented by the spice of the green chutney. Help yourself to a generous serving of ragada patties — the supple texture with a sweet and sour taste of tamarind chutney will set your stomach pining for more. Bite into the flavoursome rajasthani gujiya . Before the food has gone down your throat, you'll be served the main course. While you watch your katoras fill up with traditional ‘ pakwaan ', gulp down a few glasses of jaljeera . Gujarati Dal, Pakoda Kadi, Aloo palak ki subzi, bikaneri tamatar ki subzi, parwal ki subz i and chole . To go along with the curries, choose from a variety of Indian breads — phulka, roti, baajre ki roti and puri . Baajre ki roti is served along with a generous helping of warm ghee and gud (jaggery), the taste is worth ignoring the weighing scale! However, steer clear of the Gujarati dishes if you do not appreciate sweet taste in your main course.

Top the meal with rice varieties — wadi pulao or baajre ki khichdi . For those who cannot live without their traditional rice, there is steamed rice and curd rice as well. There is enough and more to satiate your sweet tooth — a lip-smacking moong halwa, rasgulla and khoya will wait in line. If that's not enough for you, go ahead and order for their special lassi , a thick, aromatic yogurt with kesar and dry fruits. Vegetarian dining gets a new option with De Thaali, with an ethnic ambience that reminds you of the land of camels and stewards who serve in a manner that will make you remember your loving grandmother.