Konangal screens Battle of Algiers this weekend

Battle of Algiers was made 40 years ago. The film depicts an episode in the Algerian war of independence in the then French Algeria, in the capital city of Algiers (it has been called one of the bloodiest revolutions in history). It reconstructs the events unfolding in Algiers between November 1954 and December 1960. The movie deals with the conflict between native Algerians and European settlers, leading to the introduction of French paratroopers. The film ends with images suggesting that though the French have won the Battle of Algiers, they have lost the war. The director Gillo Pontecorvo wanted to shoot this film without using professional actors. Brahim Haggiag, the protagonist Ali La Pointe, had a splendidly dramatic face, but he was a poor illiterate farmer whom Pontecorvo had found in a city market and who hadn't the faintest idea what cinema was. Despite his leftist viewpoint, Pontecorvo neither ridicules or demonises the French.Film: Battle of Algiers (With Tamil subtitles)Venue: Ashwin Hospital Auditorium (Near G.P Theatre, off Sathy Road) Date: March 18 at 5.45 p.m.For details, visit http://konangalfilmsociety.blogspot.com