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work-centric line Rehane (centre) with models at Aqua
work-centric line Rehane (centre) with models at Aqua

Rehane shows her Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week collection today in the capital. A sneak peek

Fashion Weeks are not new to Rehane. But the inspiration is new every time she puts together a line for the fashion extravaganza. This time round, the designer floats in fantasy world with “Alice in Wonderland” for Fall-Winter 2009 at the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week that begins at New Delhi today.

“Alice offers some light amidst the gloom we see around us. There’s a lot of perplexity and uncertainty in our lives today. People are so caught up in myriad things, they don’t know whether they are coming or going. I sauntered into Alice’s wonderland for inspiration. It never ceases to surprise. It’s a very girlie, innocent look that I’ve put together,” explains the designer at a sneak peek of her collection showcased by models at Aqua, The Park.

“Alice in Wonderland” is about constructed clothes and deconstructed ideas. “Every day throws a fresh surprise. And my work reflects an understanding of what I face each day. Alice is a structured line. Frocks with nipped-in waists and bell-like skirts. The palette is woodsy — I’ve used lots of green-blue tones, which are simply not me. But the surprise comes from my signature resplendent red that I’ve used in the peek-a-boo lining!”

If you were looking for Cheshire Cat, White Rabbit, Duchess or Queen of Hearts-inspired clothes, forget it. Alice… is not a fairytale costume party. It’s about the wide-eyed, adventure seeking girl wearing checked cotton frocks or silk dresses with a burst of embroidered floral motifs.

“It’s a work-centric line,” smiles Re, as she is referred to in the fashion circuit. “The embroidery tradition of Eastern Europe has fascinated me. I’ve used them in this line. It’s replete with folk motifs.”

A regular at WIFW, the designer says, “It’s not easy putting together a collection. Fashion Weeks stress you out. Because you are constantly running. Creating a line for the upcoming show and producing the old one for clients. I still follow my heart. I conjure up a collection and keep my fingers crossed. You win some, you lose some. But the best thing to happen to me at Fashion Weeks is appreciation from international buyers.”





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