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The Brahma Quiz organised by the quiz club of CIT was a treasure trove of knowledge

Brahma Quiz, organised recently by the quiz club of CIT, was the meeting ground for the brainiest students from all over the State.

The invitation promised an unearthing of knowledge and a glimpse into the unknown, and one was not disappointed.

The chief guest for the evening was V.V. Ramanan from The Hindu. The CIT auditorium was filled with excitement, tension and rivalry as students from various schools and colleges vied with each other to enter the final round.

There was a common preliminary round for both school and college levels. The questions were interesting and enlightening. For instance, “What is the size of a cricket bat?” Answer — there is no specific size.

Visual appeal

In the visual round, contestants had to spot the Nike headquarters building in Mexico, recognise the old logo of Microsoft, and identify a simple and innocent looking Mangal Pandey, so different from Aamir Khan!

Out of the 66 school teams that participated, six went into the finals. Here, CIT’s unique style of quizzing came into play. Connections had to be made between several visuals shown to the contestants.

Questions with answers camouflaged as variables x, y etc had the participants and audience racking their brains. Notable among the visuals was a picture of George Bush as a child.

There were also questions such as, “Who exchanges high threes instead of high fives?” for which many knew the answer — Teenage Ninja Turtles!

SBOA’s Atula Krishnamurthy and R.G. Aishwarya emerged victorious, taking home a prize money of Rs. 2,000. “We participated in the Brahma Quiz last year as well, and loved every minute of it this year too. The questions gave more scope for thinking,” said the winners.

There was a tie between two teams for the second place, SBOA’s Arjun Govind and S. Rohit, and G.D. Matriculation’s Harsha Illango and R. Aravind.

Both teams bagged Rs. 1,250 each. The other three teams that made it to the finals also won prizes.

Finally, the evening wound down to the much-awaited battle of brains among various colleges.

Six colleges went into the finals: SVCE from Chennai, Calicut University, two teams from NIT Tiruchi, and PSG College of Technology and Amrita College of Engineering from Coimbatore. There were five rounds, and 72 questions.

Interesting questions included a visual of a graveyard that had to be identified. And, surprise! It turned out to be an ice-cream graveyard in Ben and Jerry’s R&D centre in Vermont. Here, ice-cream flavours no longer preferred were given a proper burial complete with epitaphs!

Strong fight

After intense competition, the first place and a prize money of Rs. 10,000 was bagged by T.S. Vignesh and R. Tamizhmarai of NIT Tiruchi. “The quiz was amazing! It was better than any other city quiz. The audio and video questions were interesting, but it was the buzzer round that led to a nail biting finish,” they said.

The second place with Rs. 8,000 went to Sunil and Ramkumar of SVCE Chennai. Rajasekharan and Hariharan of NIT Tiruchi finished third, and bagged Rs. 5,000.

A special prize was given away to team ‘Willer and Quizzolini’ of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan for the best team name. Ten consolation prizes of Rs. 500 each were awarded to teams.

The sponsors of the event were TATA consultancy and Aricent Communication Systems.

Quizmaster Srinath Nimmala (final year EEE) kept the evening lively.





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