Ingredients, their proportions and consistency are integral to baking a cake right

As the festive season begins, many bakeries start enticing you with numerous options. But a home-made pound cake remains a favourite among many. Enjoy your own by getting the procedure right.

Nidhi Wadhwa, owner and chef of Zura, a bar-bistro-bakery, says all ingredients of baking such as eggs and baking powder should be kept at room temperature to get the best results. She also says that while making pound cakes, where all four ingredients — flour, sugar, eggs, butter — are one pound each, add a quarter cup of milk or oil in the end to keep the cake more moist.

Measuring the baking ingredients is also important. “The success of baking lies in measuring the baking ingredients as it’s the most critical part. Baking is science, which involves mixing of flour, sugar, fat and liquids such as milk in the right balance to get the edible product,” says Wadhwa.

She also says that every ingredient plays an important role in baking a cake.

For instance, extra baking soda or baking powder can spoil the cookies and cakes.

Similarly, too much flour can make the muffins dry and tasteless, and too much milk or sugar will make the cake flat.

To maintain the cake’s shape and to prevent it from overflowing, ensure to fill the container by only three-quarters of the cake batter.