Food Australian lamb comes to town

At the Australian Lamb Culinary experience which was organised with the Australian Trade Commission in partnership with Hyatt Hotels; Mulwarra Export Pty Ltd, Australia; Meat and Livestock Australia and Treasury Wine Estates, Australia, the guests got to taste a variety of lamb dishes.

Starting with a lamb and lentil soup the culinary journey had lamb and more lamb coming as the chef’s round table progressed.

The lamb promotion campaign is being organised coinciding with the launch of premium Australian Lamb in India by Mulwarra Export Pty Ltd, Australia. At the Chef’s Round Table, chef Mike Tafe gave a lowdown on what makes Australian lamb a specialty and the ways in which it can be cooked.

Giving the guests an idea of the western style of lamb preparations, Mike Tafe presented dishes which made the guests enjoy and appreciate the lamb meat to its fullest.

The idea being not to over power the meat with spices and condiments and letting the flavour of the meat do its own marketing on the palate. The speciality of the meats being, they are tender, juicy and devoid the raw smell.

The chef also presented combinations of meat with vegetables and then tickled the taste buds with crumb fried lamb to barbeque lamb shanks.

Barbeque meat lovers will love the way the meat can be cooked while retaining its juiciness. The braised lamb stew which was a wholesome meal in itself was complete with generous sprinkle of cubed vegetables that also added to the look of the dish. The other dish that titillates the taste buds was the juicy spare ribs.

These preparations and the meat however will be only available at the Hyatt Hotels who have an Australian lamb menu on the offer. All the lamb promotions in Hyatt properties will be hosted by Mike Tafe.