A great summer beauty

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BLOOM IN BLUE under indirect sunlight
BLOOM IN BLUE under indirect sunlight

Campanula flowers last for 2-3 months during summer

Campanula belong to the family of Campanulaceae. Originally from Italy Campanu (meaning ball), refers to the shape of the flower.

The popular one

One species of the very large genus campanula campanila Isophylla from Europe and Italy known as Italian bell flower or star of Bethlehem is an easy-to-grow trailing plant that has become a popular house plant, and is a great beauty in summer.Its small heart-shaped tooth-edged leaves are bright green and brittle, scattered along the much branched, slender trailing stems.

Not much lighting

Star shaped flowers are produced from leaf axils 1-1-1/2" wide and pale blue. The flowers being numerous, hide the foliage.One variety bears white flowers `Alba', and another has white and green variegated leaves called `Mayii'. These plants can be trained upwards on small trellis, also ideal for use in hanging baskets and pots. They flower in summer and last for 2-3 months. They do not require full sunlight, bloom well in windowsill in indirect sunlight or in shade. Water well and use good rich sandy compost and pinch off old flowers and cut back the stem in order to prolong season. Propagation is by cuttings of young shoots, or by dividing moist roots. Feed standard liquid fertilizer every two weeks. Since blue and white varieties bloom simultaneously, they can be effectively mixed together in one pot.CHITRA RADHAKRISHNAN




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