Twelve students hold their first show at the Russian Cultural Centre

Twelve budding artists showcase their canvases for the first time in an exhibition titled “Ushas” at the Russian Cultural Centre. All are students of the Fine Arts Department, Stella Maris College and taught by the same teachers, but each has evolved her unique style. The show is aptly titled “Ushas” because for the artists it marks a new dawn, the beginning of their career with colour and canvas.

The 12 artists are K. J. Anisha who loves working with human figures, Mariam Alphonsa George who uses the palette knife and enjoys laying on the colour, Mihika Agnihotri whose strokes are vivid and forms strong, Nishika Suares who is inspired by the Bible and Christ, Pavithra Nagarajan for whom creativity has opened new doors, S. Priyanka who expresses her thoughts through her paintings, Ramya S. Naik who loves experimenting with texture and colour, Genevieve Vanspall who is intrigued by faces, Subiksha who passion lies in lines, S. Sumithra whose works are steeped in Indian-ness, Oh Sung-Jei whose works are characterised by bold bursts of colour and Venitia Edel Herman who experiments with different mediums such as photo ink, kerosene and nail enamel.

The exhibition is on from March 28 till April 1 (except Sunday).