A drive on the wild side

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TV Car Vs. Wild at 10 p.m. from September 16

This month, Discovery Channel presents the new series Car Vs. Wild . The viewers will be taken on an adventurous ride with Gary Humphrey, a former British Special Forces soldier, Bill Wu, an American car fanatic, and their trusted thrill-hungry four-wheeler Ruby. The survival junkies will put to test the limits of both man and machine as they venture into unforgiving locations where no car has gone before — the extremely harsh terrains of Mexico.

In each episode, the trio must cross paths with ferocious natural road blocks that test their boundaries. They must overcome their fears and deal with snakes, bat-infested caves and deep lagoons or even descend a 70-mt-deep canyon. A few of the episodes include Sky Platform , Unexplored Valley and Behind-The-Scenes .

A 10-part series, Car Vs. Wild will air every night at 10 from September 16.

There is no time limit in the wild, but moving slowly will only work against the fearless team. Ultimately, Bill and Gary must balance both speed and strategy in order to surpass the challenges put forth.

At centre stage is the complex dynamics between man, machine and Mother Nature. Brimming with inspiring risks and practical manoeuvres, watch as Bill and Gary resort to using vines and trees as swings to push Ruby through the lush forests — Tarzan-style. Witness a possible record-breaking climb to the top of the 14,000-ft high south-eastern Pico De Orizaba Mountain — the tallest in Mexico — which has the reputation of swallowing explorers in its crags. Last, but not the least, hold your breath as the trio attempt to navigate across a host of sites where no car has dared to go, including a volcanic crater lake, rumoured to have been a site of human sacrifice.

Sky Platform: Bill, Gary and Ruby take on the Sierra Juarez Mountains in southern Mexico, a staggering 1,800 metres above sea level, stretching eastward. Following a Native American foot route to a sacred rock platform, our heroes are greeted by a stony labyrinth of granite boulders that threaten to topple, wedge, or crush them at every turn. Later, lost in the dense mountain forest, Bill and Gary must use natural resources to scout a way out. Finally, the guys get to the base of the sky platform, but the 500-metre-high natural rock staircase leading up to it could prove to be a challenge too far.

Unexplored Valley: In Baja, Mexico, Gary and Bill trek to a valley so remote that it has no name and has never been entered by a vehicle prior to Ruby’s arrival. To get there, the trio has to cross the treacherously unpredictable Rio Hardy that runs 26 kilometres along the Mexicali Valley. With waters too deep to ford, the gang’s only hope is to partially sink Ruby and pray she can go the distance. If they are not swept away, the million-acre Laguna Salada salt plain, a scorching mud trap flanked by the Sierra de Juarez Mountains, is still blocking the way to the final hurdle in this challenge — a 35-metre rock wall.

Behind-The-Scenes: In a two-part special episode, Bill, Gary, and Ruby give a behind-the-scenes perspective on their extreme adventure in Mexico. After leaping down a waterfall to the depths of a jungle bat cave, we follow the trio from the start of their journey in episode 1, with unprecedented access to unseen footage. As Ruby struggles to swing down a jungle slope, Bill and Gary prove that you cannot always predict what will happen. Finally, we turn the cameras on the crew as they attempt to keep up with and survive the wettest, hottest and most dangerous locations in Mexico.

It will take more than skills, expertise and quick-thinking to complete the quest. Can the trio do it unscathed? Who will emerge the winner — car or wild?




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