A digital party pooper

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UPDATED GIZMOS Advanced electronic gadgets may not get compatible service
UPDATED GIZMOS Advanced electronic gadgets may not get compatible service

Just when you got home the best gizmo, either it is dated or the technology is not compatible

Abdullah works in an ice cream parlour. Every time he sees the LCD screen mounted just four feet away from his table he gets angry. "That big colour TV was better at least the image was clearer. Now the screen is big but watching it is a pain," he says as he surfs for Hindi videos. His pain and agony is shared by many others who have brought home the big screen LCD/Plasma experience.

Digital pain

Welcome to the world of digital pain at the end of big gain. Where after the drooling, thirsting and saving you pick up that gizmo and within a few days comes the bad news. What you have bought is old or worse it is so advanced that you will not get the compatible service. Even if Abdullah switches from his cable operator to a direct to home satellite technology, his agony will not go away. Right now, all the big three DTH broadcasters don't have the Hi-Def transmission capability that is the only thing that can liven up the living room. So, all the checking for the row of stickers that geeks told you to look for your digital nirvana was a wasted effort.The ultimate low down. You made sure that HDMI was written on the TV, unfortunately, HDMI cables are not available now. Pick up that phone in June and its display will switch off when you bring it close to your ears, tilt it and the vertical display becomes horizontal, enter a cinema and the screen becomes brighter. Oh! You can even browse the Internet on the phone. So, what do you do with your old cellphone that had video camera, FM, .Now what do you do with your old mobile. Throw it away like Arnold Schwarznegger in Eraser? Not yet. Before you drool over browsing the net on your cell, your service provider should have EDGE or you should be in an area that has WiFi. The swing in computer technology follows the Moore's Law, but for consumers it translates into one heck of a pain. Imagine getting a computer with the latest chip that can do 64-bit processing (whatever that means) and later find out that the software doesn't exist that uses up the processing capacity, or even the software exists, the drivers are not ready.

Consumer electronics

Most of the tech redundancy is happening with consumer electronics where after much deliberation a choice is made. Sunita, a final year B. Com student got herself a digital camera when her uncle came visiting from the U.S. After browsing dozens of consumer electronics sites, she decided her choice ought to me made with one deciding factor: megapixels. Camera manufacturers started off the race just when the race reached 10.1 megapixel level, the techies say megapixel is for the dopey eyed. "More megapixels don't mean sharper or better picture, but it can mean more noise leaving your image mangled," says one techie.And the dilemma remains. To buy or not to buy? SERISH NANISETTI




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