A date to remember

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DREAM DATE It's soul satisfying
DREAM DATE It's soul satisfying

All that you want to know about dating

In today's world, who we are seems to be judged mostly by what we have. What we wear, how we wear it and what surrounds us has become a way the world looks at who we are. Now, for all those who are thinking ahead and wondering where this is leading to, it's easy. It is about the wonderful world of dating. Now forget the dream of finding the perfect knight (also a person who owns a lot of property and status) who will sweep you off your feet at first glance and take you to his castle on the hill or a hero , who will woo you with his romantic skills. Most normal men have to get a relationship going with that ritual of letting the object of their interest get to know them better... in other words, "The Date". So, this is the question? Do we start off by showing our date we can wow them with the most wondrous time they've ever had, throwing everything expensive at her but a diamond ring? Or do we get subtle, making the day memorable and filled with laughter and locations that involve just your being there, without having to incur any expenditure? Before you start to make your final decision, which will ironically depend on what part of life you're in now, let me break up the good and the bad of both kinds of dates. First of all, and for all those who don't know what it means, a date is something that you take off a calendar and a book, because you're going to dedicate that entire day to that one special person. So book your dates at least two days in advance. Next, the high maintenance date involves three things - get a really expensive place to woo, things or people to pamper her, and really classy transportation that you own. This kind of date will tell her what you are and what you can offer her for a long time. If this should turn into a relationship, and if this isn't you, then, please don't let it become you, because it will drain you to the depths of your soul. And besides, a lot of women don't really care much for this thing on a first date, but then again, what do we know about the female species? The other date will also involve finance, but not to the extent of a high maintenance wooing session. This date involves who you are, bare your soul, so that the woman you're taking out can really see what she's getting into. This date will almost always lead to a relationship, so remember, if it does, then, you have to make one high maintenance date in the near future if you like this girl; so, start saving.Send in your queries to




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