A canvas of opportunity

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Chitrakala Academy and the Kasthuri Sreenivasan Trust give art lovers in the city a chance to appreciate local artists

An Advocate, a publisher, a young interior designer, an environmental engineer - what could they possibly have in common? Art. They are only some of the 27 artists who exhibited their work in the 28th annual Chitrakala Academy Painting Exhibition 2006 at the Kasthuri Sreenivasan Trust. This is the sixth exhibition organised by the Trust under its `Meet Coimbatore Artists' series.Renowned Tamil novelist Naanjil Naadan inaugurated the exhibition. More than 80 paintings are on display. Still life, landscapes and abstracts line the walls in bursts of colour. `Gone Dry' by Rajesh C. is particularly evocative. It shows a hand pump with an empty bucket beneath. `Through the drizzle' by Arjun C. captures the image of an approaching vehicle behind a curtain of rain. One can only see a glimmer of its headlights.

Multi-hued works

The Nilgiris and other mountains seem to be a favourite theme, with several artists capturing the beauty of the hills in oil, watercolour and acrylic. In the midst of colour there are austere renditions of the Pope, Mother Teresa and an old man, all done in pencil. They are the works of V. Saravanakumar, who is planning to bring out a book of his works as well as one on the history of art. He regrets the fact that due to lack of time none of the artists can devote themselves full-time to art, though they would love to. K. Muralidharan's youth shows up in his three-paintings series `Out of boundaries.' Each of the paintings shows a frame with the picture spilling out of its boundary. "`Think out of the box' is what I am trying to say," he explains. So he has paintings that have green flowers and red leaves, green sky and blue earth! Thanks to the patronage of the Kasthuri Sreenivasan Trust, artists young and old are provided with a platform to showcase their works of art. As Naanjil Naadan said, "Art needs to be encouraged through art exhibitions, competitions and workshops." He said it was a pity that while even a young child in a remote part of the country would know of a film star, he wouldn't recognise a single Indian artist. He lauded the efforts of the Trust that encourages young artists. The writer also appreciated the efforts of Chitrakala Academy that has been holding Sunday classes for those interested in learning art. Classes are held from 10 a.m. to 12 noon at the Kikani Matriculation School. The exhibition concludes on January 30. Open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. For details, call 2574110 & 936-3145521. PANKAJA SRINIVASAN

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