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EVENT Cancer survivor Vijay Bhat says treatment must be person centric and not focussed on the diseased organ

Survivor’s sagaVijay at the launch
Survivor’s sagaVijay at the launch

The very mention of the term cancer is enough to strike fear in the minds of most people. Even as mankind has made massive advances in medical technology, cancer has not been conquered completely. My Cancer is Me(Rs.350) is a self published book penned by cancer survivor Vijay Bhat and his wife Nilima Bhat. The book chronicles the journey of the family as they wrestled with cancer for 11 years and gives insights into what are the factors that causes cancers, the vital role caregivers hold in cancer treatment and the means by which the menace can be tackled.

At the launch of the book at the ITC Windsor Manor in the city, Nilima said, “When Vijay was diagnosed with cancer, the family had to deal with the aftermath. All of us went through varying degrees of pain and stress. In the course of the long battle, we learnt that cancer is caused by factors in our own body and stress is one of the primary causative agents for the disease. It is very important to heal yourselves and never lose hope. It was not an easy journey, but changed our outlook to life completely.”

Vijay agrees, “I feel that the treatment for any cancer must be person centric and not focussed on the organ that is ravaged by the cancer cells. Cancer is a result of many factors, including a range of mental, emotional and spiritual processes. Our immune system usually destroys the cancerous cells that occasionally get produced in the body. However, if immunity takes a hit due to bad diet, stress and other factors, you are susceptible to the disease as well.

Vijay contends, “Cancer did for me what the tiger did for the young boy in Life Of Pi . It scared me, challenged me and made me more mature. In my 23 years as a successful advertising professional, I could have never imagined the manner in which the cancer changed my life. It put me in touch with a wiser and resourceful part of my own personality. Cancer is a tough opponent, but it can be cured.”





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