Fiddler on the Roof

Norman Jewison

This much-loved musical is the story of a hard-working and honest peasant, a Jew in Tsarist Russia, and his daughters. The film recreates the sense of community and tradition permeating the village, in a marvellous manner. The song ‘Tradition!’ at the beginning of the film mixes nostalgia and humour to set the tone and bring alive the milieu. There is warmth, drama, melodrama, humour, pathos and romance — all brought to the screen with verve and energy and backed by some great numbers woven into the storyline. The winds of anti-Semitic repression and political change make for a sad ending as the Jews flee their village for America; but in that end there is a beginning — and hope for a new future for these people who retain their identity and core values in the face of adversity. Topol turns in an unforgettable performance as the loving father who experiences crushing disappointment and betrayal, but never loses his innate goodness.