“The Great Indian Middle Class Dream”. A large number of Indians know it verbatim. It’s been dinned into their consciousness from the day they lace up their school shoes. The race is on. School over, it’s time for the great Indian rat race to college. After that it’s either a good MBA programme or, if you’re bright enough, the premier Indian Institutes of Management.

This is a book by two young men who work with a reputed foreign bank and travel in style. Did they deserve this more than others? That’s for the reader to decide.

This book takes a look at life in the IIMs where love takes precedence over studies, money calls the shots eventually and getting recruited on Day One of campus placements means you have arrived. Somewhere, in all the irreverence of student life on campus, the authors have been honest enough to detail disappointments, bitterness and reconciliation as part of the IIM package. Reading this reminds one all the more that it’s high time to shut up about salaries, and instead focus on the jobs and what these men are finally going to achieve.

As an aside, the book is dedicated to Manjunath — the man who lost his life to uphold his values. Here’s hoping that the IIMs create more Manjunaths and the system becomes more transparent so that they don’t have to lay down their lives.