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K nown for tickling the funny bone of audiences at will, Rakesh Bedi will now express his emotional side in Sony's ‘Shubh Vivaah.'

Excerpts from an interview:

What made you pick ‘Shubh Vivaah'?

As an actor I wanted to break my image of a comedian. It is the first time in my 35-year-old career that I will be doing an emotional role. I have never tried my hand at such a role. So it was a different experience. The script touched my heart. It's totally a new and noble story. Set in Agra, my character is of a father and his five daughters.

The story traces the love, faith and dedication they place on each other. Even in time of distress they stick to each other. My only dream is to see that they lead happy married lives. It's the story of every father who brings up his daughters all alone without his wife. This is the first time I will be shedding tears. I hope the audience will admire me in this avatar too.

You are an experienced actor on the screen as well as on the stage. How would you describe it?

I am amongst those actors who have been working in theatre, television and films for 35 years. My schedule is always completely packed. There's hardly any free time. I have really enjoyed my journey as an actor. Theatre demands a lot of discipline and commitment. Before any show, however big or small, the only thing that occurs is to give my 100 per cent.

Who is your inspiration?

I love Amitabh Bachchan and Al Pacino. I don't follow their acting but their dedication and commitment to the craft, the way they have moulded and shaped their career. I follow their punctuality and discipline, it's remarkable. Over the years I have made my own identity and I want to stick to it.

Any major change you witnessed in theatre in the past couple of years?

There was a phase when Punjabi plays laced with double meaning dialogues used to be quite a hit but now that trend is over. People used to like it but it's gone for good now.

What's next? Are you game for reality shows?

Right now, I am totally busy shooting for ‘Shubh Vivaah.' Apart from that my mind is on ‘Massage,' a play that sees me in 24 characters.

As far as reality shows are concerned I will never take part in any of them. Many channels do approach me but I don't know how to dance or sing.




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