MUSIC Karthik Narayan impressed with his creative kalpanaswaras.

Young Karthik Narayanan was featured by Kalasagaram at Keyes High School.

Karthik is endowed with a pleasant voice and considerable range, noticed in his opening Thodi Varnam ‘Era Naapai’ done in two speeds. Rendition of ‘Sitamma Mayamma’ of Thyagaraja in Vasantha, Roopaka Talam, was kept to right mood with matching sahitya.

He displayed creative skills in his crisp kalpana swaras. ‘Paramatmudu Velige’ in Vaghadeeswari was a moving presentation and he followed it with essaying raga Varali for ‘Maamava Meenakshi’ of Dikshitar in Misrachapu talam. But some sangathis appeared to have been repeated. The neraval and swarakalpana added strength to the composition. After a brief Tamil number in Kalyani, Karthik chose Mohana for ‘Mohana Rama’ as his main melody of the concert, delving deep into its beautiful moves. The neraval and swarakalpana mirrored his imaginative skills. Rajasekhar responded well on violin. The Tani avartanam by Srinivasa Rao and Janardan added musical weight. The vocalist needs to improve diction and add weight to mandra sthayi. He was accompanied by O. Rajasekhar (violin), Kapa Srinivasa Rao (mridangam) and Janardan (Ghatam).


The neraval and swarakalpana mirrored his imaginative skills