Yoking opposites

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PURITY OF IDIOM Sriram Parashuram and Anuradha Parashuram regaled the audience
PURITY OF IDIOM Sriram Parashuram and Anuradha Parashuram regaled the audience

Maintaining the purity of their respective idioms Carnatic and Hindustani music vocalists Sriram Parashuram and Anuradha Parashuram regaled the audience with their vocal jugalbandi at Sri Purandara Bhavana, Indiranagar, as part of the seven-day annual music and dance festival 2007 of the prestigious Indiranagar Sangeetha Sabha. It was as much interesting as delightful to watch the even and parallel flow of the two great styles of the Indian music in the jugalbandhi which brought down the curtain on the festival.

Minimal interference

Though Anuradha took the lion's share of the jugalbandi due to Sriram's indisposition, it never sounded lop-sided. Sriram garnered applause from the knowledgeable audience. Both of them are seasoned and well-equipped singers. Hence the standard of music produced was never at stake. The accompanists V.V. Srinivasa Rao (violin), Arjun Kumar (mridanga), Umakantha Puranik (harmonium) and Rajendra Nakod (tabla) were in their right mood and spirits elevating the proceedings of the concert. "Maha Ganapathim" was elaborated with a well-drawn swaraprastara. The elaboration set the required musical atmosphere conditioning the ears for more music to come. Navaroz is a beautiful and yet a tricky panchamaantya raga. Muthuswamy Dikshitar's "Hasti vadanaya" is a gem krithi. Anuradha sang it in her rich and melodious voice. The voice culture exhibited by her was simply marvellous. I was fully impressed by the manner in which she surveyed the raga from every possible angle, but very conscious not to cross the limit of the panchama. Her musical phrasing, both in raga and swara vinyasa, reminded me of a powerful cascade.


Sriram also joined by Anuradha was at home in the delineation of Mishra Kamod. One enjoyed each and every moment of the rendition of a Rasiya composition "Jamuna ke kinare" of the late Pt. Kumara Gandharva. The singing of sahitya and its notation-like swaras by Anuradha and Sriram respectively was enthralling.M. SURYA PRASAD



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