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IN THE BOXNir Landa and Renana Lotem-Ophir
IN THE BOXNir Landa and Renana Lotem-Ophir

The Jerusalem Train Theatre brought “The Cubes Circus”, a contemporary experimental theatre, to New Delhi recently. Actors get into cardboard cubes and manipulate the forms to tell a story. The Cubes Circus actors Nir Landa and Renana Lotem-Ophir speak about their magical world of cubes:

What inspired both of you to take up this art form?

It is a unique form of art that uses cubes in an imaginative way. They rise, shrink and even transform into animals. Bauhaus theatre and Oscar Schlemmer’s Triadic Ballet, which are the source of inspiration for “The Cubes Circus” itself, have motivated us to be a part of this art form.

The Cubes Circus adopts a very expressive mode. Have there been instances where audiences have failed to grasp the meaning?

No. On the contrary, the audiences have been rather warm. It is a very light form of expression and does not require too much understanding. It is more of a visual treat and viewers are meant to enjoy the performances without any mental exertion.

How is it different from other theatre forms?

It is definitely more exciting, since there is always an element of surprise involved in every act. However, the challenge is to express emotions through bodily gestures. It is meant to tickle and tease the audience through dance, mime, puppetry, etc., and if we manage to strike the right chord with the audience it is a wonderful experience.

Have you performed in India before? How has Government support been?

This was our first performance in India. However, we have acted in and conducted shows in Europe and, of course, Israel. The government has been really supportive. Even “The Cubes Circus” is being organised by the Israeli Embassy.

What kind of audience, according to you, easily connects with the acts?

Well, both children and adults have enjoyed our performances. Despite having no words and with a greater focus on gestures, we still do have a storyline which enables us to forge a bond with adults and children alike. Our director, Galia Levy-Grad, has performed here earlier and we were told it was a great experience.




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