Among those who paid tribute to Swami Remaji at the meeting to mark his birth centenary were G. Sundari, formerly of Kalakshetra, and PVK who had seen him when 14 and 17, Vaidheewaran, spoke of how as a young man of 20, he first met Remaji at the Gemini studios and how that encounter was a life-changing event. Pankajam Krishna and Prabha Nagarajan, daughters of K.S. Iyer of HMV shared many anecdotes. Gowri Ramnarayan in her message said, “I saw him teaching MS Amma and Radha several times when I was a young child. Once he played on the piano the raga Khamas as MS sang. It was lovely...”

Ram Dorai Natwar also narrated incidents in which great music personalities including Chembai, MS and Ravi Shankar praised Remaji as Nada Brahmam. A small booklet of Remaji’s spiritual teachings titled ‘Viveka Jivanam’ (A wise Living) was released and given to everybody and the celebration concluded with a chant on Isvara composed and tuned by Remaji.