Play Social issues formed the theme of the four-day Akkinenu State Level Natakotsavam

Amélange of social issues formed the themes for the invited playlets that took part in the four-day Akkineni State Level Natakotsvam at Kalabharati Visakhapatnam. Thanks to the untiring efforts of its convener Ponnada Mohana Rao and his team a string of theatre troupes from different parts of the state staged a variety of playlets. In wide range of themes—the importance of spirit of camaraderie in the budding minds at school, to plight of aging parents in the backdrop of nuclear families and filial responsibilities in changing times and need for the downtrodden to stand united against the oppression of the privileged strata of the society, the plots of the playlets focused on one or the other social issue. Though they have not sought to afford any viable solution, they essayed well to present the issue taken up in a theatrical way.

The highlight of the event was the inaugural performance by students of Zilla Parishad High School Rajampalli Prakasam District. The budding artistes staged the playlet Memunnam . Scripted and directed by K.V. Rangarao it was about how a physically challenged student Santhi comes out in flying colours taking the indifference of all around in her stride with perseverance and patience displaying firm resolve tinged with robust optimism. Student-artistes V. Nagasravani, U. Bhoolakshmi, M.V. Suneetha, A Madarbi, J. Salomi, D. Madhuri, V. Deepthi and A. Balakasamma showcased good talent.

Another play that wowed the theatre buffs was Pipeelakam –Ant—by the artistes of Vijayawada-based New Starts Modern Theatre.

The troupe has dramatised the popular short story Pipeelakam of renowned Telugu story teller Raavi Sastry. It dealt with plight of the oppressed class in the society and how it is imperative to stand united through the tale of conscious ant that goes in pursuit of basic question of life and its profound philosophical import.

Presented in a stylized format a la street play, it drove its point straight home.Artistes of Bahurupa Nata Samkhya staged the playlet Devudu Choostunnadu with verve. With an exceptional stage craft in presentation reflecting directorial acumen of S.K. Misro, it showed how premonition about one’s death is undesirable in life for it robs one’s peace of mind for what is destined is sure to happen in its unalterable course. 

While Artistes of Swaraarchana Nataka Sangham presented the play let Subhodyam that dwelled on the plight of farming community for cultivation turns to be an unsustainable option as means for livelihood in villages, artistes of Guduru-based Salivahana Kala Mandir enacted the play let ‘Manishi Kaatu and artistes of local Creative Comedy Club staged a hilarious play let Morning Show .