Viewers get a great opportunity to watch the variety of flora and fauna on earth. Animal Planet’s ‘Natural World,’ May 31 at 8 p.m., has master cinematographers capturing the beauty of nature and wildlife using high quality photography and close-ups. One of the episodes that feature India is ‘Danger in Tiger Paradise.’ Travel to Rajasthan’s Ranthambhore National Park with Valmik Thapar, to witness the progress of a tigress called Machli. She battled her mother to inherit a piece of major territory around the serene lakes that lie below an ancient Mughal fort. Machli, a mother of two cubs, is wary of two new male tigers that have moved into the area. They may kill the cubs to mate with her. Machli struggles to feed and protect her family. The cubs are oblivious of the race against time in learning their skills, which is their ticket to surviving on their own. Can Machli hold off the tigers long enough to raise her cubs?