When music bridged two generations

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Display of vocal prowess: Pandit Jasraj.
Display of vocal prowess: Pandit Jasraj.


The concert, organised as part of the Jalsa series, saw the coming together of artistes of two generations, Pandit Jasraj and Abhishek Raghuram.

Great minds think alike, and when great artistes join hands to perform on the same platform, there develops great camaraderie and mutual respect for each other’s art. Such was the coming together of artistes of two generations, the Mewati gharana doyen Pandit Jasraj and the rising young Carnatic musician Abhishek Raghuram. The concert was organised as part of the Jalsa series of concerts conducted by Indian Music Academy.

Abhishek Raghuram began his concert with a varnam in Saranga, which heralded the vocal dexterity that was unfolded in the forthcoming items. His briga-laden voice unfurled the structure of Pantuvarali raga in its myriad hues. The pensive mood was complemented by fast sancharas. This gave way to a brisk paced composition by Tyagaraja ‘Raghuvaranannu.’

Aural creativity

Abhishek’s creativity was magnified in his neraval and kalpanaswara singing. The vakra passages and korvai swaras were marvellously executed in the sarvalaghu mould. As Satish Kumar augmented the rhythmic magic on the mridangam, Mysore Srikant followed it on the violin. Abhishek signed off with another Hindustani raga Sindhubhairavi, keeping in mind the next concert to follow.

Pandit Jasraj started off by showering praises on Abhishek’s performance. He then rendered a ‘mangal’ shloka followed by a vilambit khayal in raag Miyan Malhar to ek tal. The Bandish ‘Baba tope barsat karam’ was executed with light sargams and profound taans.

The vocal accompaniment by Ankita and Madhuvanti Narayan was commendable. The notes were covered in the lower octave. As Vijay Khate offered tihais and tekkas suiting the mood and taans on the tabla, Mukhund Petkar accompanied the vocalist on the harmonium. Swift sargams ravishingly embellished the drut khayal ‘Sakhi ri banhi.’

In a bhajan ‘Vraje vasantham,’ Pandit Jasraj’s singing took wings, displaying his vocal prowess. As he touched the upper shadja uttering the ‘krishna nama,’ he accomplished the task of singing in three octaves.

The programme was sponsored by Idea Communications Limited.



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