When lyric was king

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Solo There was no mistaking P.S. Ranganath's deep involvement as he sang several Annamacharya kritis. LALITHAA KRISHNAN

INTENSE: P.S. Ranganath. Photo: S.R. Raghunathan
INTENSE: P.S. Ranganath. Photo: S.R. Raghunathan

I t was a modest but attentive gathering that welcomed P.S. Ranganath's vocal recital of Annamacharya kritis for Lalitha Kala Vedika. A significant part of the artist's career has been interwoven with the TTD's Annamacharya Project, whose aim is to tune, record and propagate the compositions of Tallapakkam Annamacharya, the 15 {+t} {+h} century saint poet.

Projecting the spirit of the compositions through a resonant voice and crystal clear enunciation, the artist suffused the lyric with the warm glow of heartfelt emotion. An interesting line-up of traditional as well as catchy ragas and mellifluous tunes marked the presentation.

Filled with devotion

There was no mistaking the artist's deep involvement as he launched into fluent renditions of ‘Indira Vaddincha' in a breezy, energetic Kalyani bursting with positivity, ‘Veena Vaayinchane' in lilting Valaji and ‘Bangaru Medala Lona' in benign Madhyamavati.

‘Kadiri Nrisimhudu' in Atana stood out for packed madhyamakala sahitya and chittaswara marching in neat lines to a precise gait. ‘Ranga Ranga Rangapathi' (Sindhubhairavi) that hit the tara sthayi panchama with intensity, was a perfectly aimed shaft of devotion that flew unerringly to the feet of Lord Venkateswara. Familiar favourites such as ‘Brahma Kadigina Paadamu' (Mukhari) also heightened the devotional ambience. All through, lyric was king, the composition itself taking centre stage, highlighted by impeccable diction. A well balanced audio system enhanced aural impact.

K. Shankar (violin) and Parupalli Balasubramaniam (mridangam) anticipated sangatis with the alacrity that comes from familiarity with the compositions.



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