Oppression with consent

Well known revolutionary writer Nagnamuni presents a story about the present day exploitation by politicians. Often the exploitation goes on with consent of the oppressed, in the name of ‘faith’ . The book deals with the business of faith where god and temples undergo commoditisation. Politicisation and bureaucratisation aid this exploitation. The book tells an anarchic tale of exploitation of faith in the name of Akasadevara.

Akasadevara: Viloma Katha by Nagnamuni; Prajaswamya Prachurana; Price: Rs. 60

Biography of a scientist

Yelavarthy Nayudamma (1922-1985) was a legend and in his lifetime credited with putting Indian leather on the world map. The book captures the life and times of Y. Nayudamma – his humble beginnings, spectacular achievements as a scientist – bureaucrat, the vicissitudes of his personal life and his tragic death.

Born in remote village in Andhra Pradesh, he went on to become the director of CLRI, and worked for the welfare of the tanners by taking technology to their doorstep. The book in English delves into all aspects of his life, including the innovations he initiated, people he mentored , his resistance to introducing technology in CLRI, his personal and professional relationships as well as his beliefs.

The People’s Scientist: Dr. Y. Nayudamma -A biography by K. Chandrahas.us Publishers; Price : Rs 200