O n the banks of the Tirumalairajan river is the hamlet of Narikkudi, where there is a temple for Sri Rama in the coronation get-up.

With Sita seated by his side and Lakshmana on the right, Rama on the throne shows chinmudra.

Anjaneya stands reading the chapter describing the coronation from the Ramayana. During his visit to the temple, Paramacharya is said to have expressed amazement at the beauty of Rama.

Narikkudi is in Nemmaeli, a village in Nannilam district. Legend has it that Sri Rama on his way to Ayodhya after annihilating Ravana stopped at Nemmaeli and hence the village is also called Kalaippal-iruppu. Interestingly, the neighbourhood is connected to the tale of Rama.

Thus Mudicondan is said to be the place where Rama enjoyed the hospitality of sage Bharadwaja and close by is Maan Kanda Moolai, referring to the episode of Maricha.

The ancient temple was taken up for renovation and samprokshanam is taking place on February 16, 9.15 a.m.

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