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Srinivas started of as a child prodigy many years ago and the fact that he is now one of the senior instrumentalists, is due to his serious approach to the art form. His repertoire has grown steadily and the genius in him has made it possible for the subtlest of gamakas (oscillations) to be produced to perfection on the mandolin.

The concept

Ragam, Tanam and Pallavi is the chosen genre by Srinivas for the compact disc released by Sa Re Ga Ma. The raga is Simhendra madhyamam and the tala employed is Adi. Listener enjoyment is enhanced when instrumentalists render pallavis in not too a complicated tala structure. The pallavi in this case happens to be in Adi tala, 2 Kalais and the commencement is from samam.

The vistaara of the raga is just what it should be as a prelude to the tanam and pallavi which follow. Unhurried, stage by stage development and ending in a crescendo is the methodology adopted by Srinivas for the alapana. The effect is highly satisfactory. The slow phrases and meteoric brighas come out with great clarity. Violinist Delhi P. Sunderarajan plays a mature essay of the raga in tune with the style of the main artist. The tanam and the trikalam and tisram sequences are gone through flawlessly. Srinivas has always been strong in the laya front and this recording is no exception. Guruvayoor Dorai (mridangam), E.M.Subramaniam (ghatam ) and Srirangam S.Kannan (morsing) have rendered spirited accompaniment throughout the pallavi. The thani avartanam is what one would expect from such seasoned artists and is packed with rythmic patterns which are melodious.

Ragamalika swaras in Kedaragowla, Karnaranjani and Sindhubairavi follow the percussion interlude. Srinivas brings out the emotions associated with these melodies very creditably.

The only hitch in this recording is that the over sensitive microphone used picks up a lot of the hand movement sounds of Srinivas, which frequently results in a squeaking sound being heard during the raga essay.

The sound engineer could have easily arrested this problem.

Ragam Tanam Pallavi Simhendramadhyamam


Mandolin U. Srinivas

Instrumental Audio CD (Price: Rs.150)




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