Music Manda Ananthakrishna and P. Poornachander took the audience on an instrumental sojourn.

Noted flautist Manda Ananthakrishna, lecturer in Sri Venkateswara Music College, Tirupati, was invited to perform at Thyagaraya Gana Sabha’s mini hall last week under the aegis of Sangeetha Ksheerasagaram. His performance was accompanied by noted violin artiste P. Poornachander and experienced mridangam artiste, Srinivasa Gopalan. Ananthakrishna opened with Balamuralikrishna’s varnam in Shanmukhapriya, displaying commendable technique. He presented the song in in two speeds. He played Muthaiah Bhagavatar’s composition Gamganapathe and asserted good command over the swara built in Tisranada Aditalam. He managed to produce captivating melody in varied levels. Vasanthabhairavi is rarely essayed these days but Manda took it up for expansion. Poornachander’s support on the violin added some more charm. Thyagaraja’s Needayarada in Roopaka talam was given focus during the concert. The swarakalpana was vivid and extensive. Poornachander's experienced hand lent extra colour to the number displaying his own artistry on violin. The flautist chose Khamas number Brochevarevarura of Vasudevachar a popular number, it was enjoyed by all.

Ananthakrishna then chose to play the Bhairavi as the main raga of the concert , albeit cautiously; it took a good shape for it was filled with his skills. Upacharamulanu of Thyagaraja was also chosen to be presented in this raga. He played well, giving equal importance to the melody and Sahitya and that turned out to be the best treatment, this piece deserved. The was tani avartaram at this stage by Srinivasa Gopalan displayed the art with perfect calculations and took it to fine finish.