(National Geographic Channel, Tuesday, 11 p.m.)

At 16 and just 1ft 11, she's the world's smallest fully grown woman.

A normal teenager in many respects, Jyoti Angur dreams of dancing in Bollywood. But her bones are fragile and X-rays show she's walking on too badly fused broken legs.

A surgeon has offered to operate but her parents are unsure – should they let their daughter risk an operation, or can they find another cure among India's colourful faith healers and alternative doctors?

Kalahari Supercat

(Animal Planet, Thursday, 7 p.m.)

Little is known about the leopards of the Kalahari Desert. Among the most elusive animals on the planet, Kalahari leopards are rarely seen and almost never caught on film.

This series follows a year in the life of Montrosse, a female leopard, as she searches for a mate, strives to capture prey and struggles to rear her cubs in inhospitable environs.