Tribute A concert on Tumu Narasima Dasu’s compositions was held in memory of late guru Nookala Chinna Satyanarayana. Gudipoodi Srihari

Nada Prabha, held a concert featuring young talent rendering compositions by Toomu Narasimha Dasu, the 18th century poet, whose composition were all in praise of Sri Rama. This event was the first function in the city held in memory of Carnatic guru Nookala Chinna Satyanarayana who passed away recently. In fact, the Trust of Nada Prabha had been chaired by Nookala. J. Rambabu (IAS Retd.) a close associate of Nookala and the Trust spoke of the late Guru Nookala’s contribution to Carnatic music and his service to the sabha. He recalled how good Nookala was as a performer, guru and a human too, helping many musicians to grow. Nookala had also penned many books on music, he added. Narasimha Dasu wrote compositions in Bhajan format, greatly inspired by Bhakta Ramadasu. Vocalist Y. Ramaprabha, principal of Andhra Mahila Sabha college of Fine Arts, who has done research on Narasimha Dasu’s works, rendered these songs with her students Srivani, Jayalakshmi, Srilakshmi, Hema, Ramani and Roja. They had a rich ensemble with O. Rajasekhar on violin, Uma on veena, Poornima on flute and Ramakrishna on mridangam.

Ramaprabha chose to present some solos while the rest were rendered in chorus. Ramaprabha introduced every song with reference to context connecting to Narasaimha Dasu’s life history. She and her group started with a sloka and then rendered Namaste Raghunayaka in Nata, Bhajanachese Vidhamu Teliyandi in Sourasthra, Ramanamame Jeevanamu in Khamas, a number in Choornika format set in Yamankalyan, Nidra mudrankitamyna in Ananda Bhairavi, Pooja seyuchununda in Reeti Gowla, Varabantulaadu in Kapi, Pore Mee Indlaku in Kuntalavarali and two bhajans in Yaman and Nadanamakriya.

Quite a few of the 25 songs rendered were tuned by Ramaprabha.