Concert Ninety-year-old Gururajachar wowed the gathering.

I t was a great show by the 90-year-old musician Gururajachar at Swathi Hall, D.D. Colony, under the aegis of Nadabharati. The concert was well attended by senior vidwans. Gururajachar is the only musician in Andhra Pradesh of his age who continues to enthral music lovers with live concerts, maintaining perfect Shriti and laya even in phenomenal speeds. He is an inspiration to younger generations. He was accompanied by Komanduri Rajan on violin and Srinivas Gopalan on mridangam.

Gururajachar abided by tradition in setting his repertoire and in rendition giving a taste of the older generation presentation techniques. He opened with Nera Nammithi, a Kaanada Ata tala varnam, prefacing with raga and then going for swarakalpana in the later part. Pancha Matanga in Malahari, he followed with was a devotional, set with an interesting swarakalpana.

He went for a brisk number Manaviyalakimpa in Nalinakanthi of Thyagaraja in Adi talam. He chose Reethigowla as his first raga essay of the concert and evolved the raga well maintaining its melodic appeal. He rendered Ragaratnamalikache set in Rupakam and the swaraprasthara was elaborate and technically brilliant.

However, Saveri was the main melody of the concert that he presented in great detailThe sangathis in the rare composition he chose in this raga Durusuga was also benefited by a detailed neraval. . Tani avartanam by the mridangam player had some complex structures.