From penny-pinching to leading a frugal life is how so many people try to make their money go a long way. Discovery Channel’s ‘Extreme Cheapskates,’ May 31 at 11 p.m., gives viewers an insider's look at the most outrageous things people do. Whether it is making their own reusable cloth toilet paper or singing for their supper, they think up extreme and inventive ways to save money.

Dumpster diver Kate reveals her super cheap lifestyle in New York City.

Then there is Victoria. Her boyfriend Steve moves in on a trial basis to see if he can handle her jarring and flush-free lifestyle.

Abdul and Vickie not only haggle over the price of an anniversary cake but they use road kill for gifts.

Jeff travels by bike to save on gas, crashes on his friends' couch, and repays their kindness by serving a cringe-worthy meal.

A Vermont man reuses dental floss and coffee grinds, and gets free refills at the movies by sifting through trash; a Texas man cleans his clothes in the dishwasher and makes his own toothpaste.

Then there is an Oakland man, who doesn't buy furniture and never takes his family out to eat.

There are people who adopt all kinds of habits just to cut costs.