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interview Reese Witherspoon talks about the conflict in the love life of her character in her latest film ‘This Means War .'

O scar-winner Reese Witherspoon tackles her first action role in Fox Star Studios' ‘This Means War.' In this film, two savvy CIA agents fight hard for the love of Reese's Lauren, a consumer reports analyst. Directed by McG of ‘Charlie's Angels' fame, ‘This Means War' is an action/comedy/romance movie, where the love of a woman turns best friends and super-spies Tuck (Tom Hardy) and FDR (Chris Pine) into rivals, making them use all the hi-tech tools and muscle at their disposal to wage an epic battle. Excerpts from an interview with the actor:

In ‘This Means War,' your character, Lauren, is a consumer reports tester, a very decisive woman. How does she end up divided over two men?

In her work, she's a very decisive woman, but in her romantic life, she's just a disaster. The man she moved from Atlanta with ended up leaving her, shattering her heart and crushing her spirits, so she's been debilitated.

She hasn't been able to date; she hasn't been able to go out. Chelsea Handler's character Trish is her only friend. She works so much, so she's finally decided she's going to enter the dating world.

This movie definitely shows a sexier you. Were you comfortable with that?

It wasn't calculated. Director McG just kept saying, ‘Wouldn't it be fun?' And it was really just about creating the fun in movies – it's nice to create glamour in movies too, to have great outfits, and great hair and make-up. As an actor, you do take on a lot of what the director wants you to do, so I had a lot of guidance that way. I don't have a natural instinct about what is sexy, so it really helps me to hear from Tom or Chris or McG about what they thought was sexy. You're trying to play a character that appeals to these incredibly handsome men, so McG wanted me to look really sexy.

Have you ever had two guys fight over you?

Maybe my husband and my son fighting for my attention! Reese! Mom! Reese! Mom! Reese! Mom! Other than that, I don't date multiple people at once – there's too much lying involved. I'm just not a liar.

You have been a little low-key recently – was that a deliberate choice?

I'm just very discerning about what I like. Also, I have two kids, so that takes up a lot of time, and I want to be with them. If I see something I want to do or something that's a totally different challenge for me, then I'm in.



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