Bill Wu and Gary Humphrey love the adrenaline rush. Discovery Channel’s ‘Car Vs Wild,’ September 16, 17 and 18 at 10 p.m., tracks them as they take their 10-year old SUV, Ruby, to places no car has gone before. The tough challenges, engine problems and survival skills offer a dangerous mix of excitement.

Here are some of the episodes. In ‘Not a Beach after All,’ Bill and Gary attempt to take Ruby from San Felipe to the beach the hard way - across 100 kilometres of the harshest Mexican desert. It gets so hot, Ruby catches fire and only Gary's quick thinking can save her from a fiery death. After sleeping in hammocks strung from the largest cacti on the planet, the guys’ problems get worse the next day when Ruby's brakes fail. Although Bill has a fix, they face a dangerous night drive to make up time. Finally, the toughest challenge of all – descending a 70-metre deep canyon. They must suspend Ruby on the end of a climber’s rope to reach the beach. In ‘Climb to Sky Platform,’ Bill, Gary and Ruby now take on the Sierra Juarez mountains in southern Mexico, a staggering 1,800 metres above sea level. Following a Native American foot route to a sacred rock platform, the heroes are greeted by a maze of granite boulders that threaten to topple, wedge, or crush them at every turn. Later, lost in the dense mountain forest, Gary scales a 20-metre pine tree using Ruby's winch as a tree elevator to scout a way out. Finally, the guys get to the base of the sky platform, but the 500-metre high natural rock staircase leading up to it could prove to be a challenge. In ‘River Crossing,’ they are in Baja, Mexico. The duo’s target is a remote valley with no name and no vehicle has entered it before. To get there, they have to cross the treacherously unpredictable Rio Hardy. Too deep to ford, their only hope is to partially sink Ruby and pray she can go the distance. They must cross the scorching mud trap that is the million acre Laguna Salada salt plain to get to the valley entrance. But their way in is barred by a 35-metre high rock wall. Can Ruby scale it?

In ‘Breaking the Altitude Record,’ Bill and Gary want to smash the record of getting Ruby to be the highest car ever on the 14,000-ft high Pico De Orizaba, Mexico’s highest mountain. This volcano has a fearsome reputation as a killer peak. Landslides, 1,000-ft sheer drops, ash and forests line the route, but the biggest danger is the extreme altitude. Bill Wu’s ingenuity makes Ruby climb a tree, get winched sideways out of a forest and stripped to her engine make the final ascent.