Star World, Saturday, 9 p.m.

Sheriff Deputy, Rick Grimes, wakes up in the hostpital, after being shot, to find his town overrun by flesh-eating zombies.

After making friends with survivor Morgan Jones and his son Duane, Ricks sets out to find his wife and son.

The Good Guys

Star World, Saturday, 10 p.m.

Jack and Dan are given a routine case about the stolen humidifier, which soon escalates into a case involving drug runners, hired assassins, a plastic surgeon, and a golf bag filled with drug money.

Detroit 1-8-7

Star World, Sunday, 10 p.m.

Detectives Washington and Fitch investigate a double homicide at a pharmacy. Was it a drug theft gone bad or something else entirely?

Meanwhile, Longford and Mahajan try to track down the killer of an attorney with many enemies. When both cases intersect, the cops are in a race against time to stop the killing spree, culminating in a high-speed pursuit and a perilous standoff, putting the cops in harm's way.

Land of the Panda

Discovery Channel, Sunday, 8 p.m.

China's heartland is the centre of a 5000-year-old civilization and is home to the giant panda and the golden snub-nosed monkey. China faces environmental problems, but the relationship the Chinese have with their environment is deep and extraordinary.

Go on a journey to understand what this means for the future of China.

The Crocodile Hunter

Animal Planet, Sunday, 9 p.m.

Featuring Steve and Terri Irwin, the crocodile hunters visits the United States, Africa, Indonesia, Egypt and Alaska.

There are only four species of lemurs left in Madagascar and Steve sets out to track them down in this episode.

His adventure takes him through many remote parts of the country on a bike, which allows him to experience the villages and local life.

Operation Wild

Animal Planet, Monday, 10 p.m.

Follow the officers in the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission as they rescue boaters, wrangle alligators and hunt down poachers.

Jaguar Adventure

Animal Planet, Thursday, 9 p.m.

Nigel Marven is on the hunt for the world's largest jaguars in South America.

Travelling deep into the heart of the Pantanal, a wetland the size of Britain, Nigel comes face to face with these magnificent cats and chases down scientists who are rushing to save them on Brazil's burgeoning cattle ranches.

Nigel's time is short, he's just four weeks in the world's biggest wetland to find his jaguars and as many of the amazing weird swamp creatures that he can.