Even M.R. Radha would not have thought that his popular play, ‘Ratha-k-kanneer,' would continue for ages without let-up. After him, his eldest son, M.R.R. Vasu, played the protagonist of ‘Ratha-k-kanneer' till his death, and at present donning the mantle with success is Radha Ravi. “Even now there's demand for the play,” he smiles. And Ravi's ability to improvise according to the occasion it is staged for helps the play remain evergreen.

Radha Ravi's stage skills were honed in well-known troupes such as YGP's, V. K. Ramasamy's and TKS Chandran's. “After dad was released from prison I became a constant in his troupe, Saraswathi Gana Sabha,” Ravi recalls.