While catching and recording the eclectic elements in the musical score was like catching a rainbow in your palm, one seeks the rationale behind the title, ‘NaMaargam-Knot the Path.’ “No path,” says Anirudha, “is actually a path. The title song, ‘Na Margam Api Ekatam Margam Eva’ (No path is a path in itself), captures the spirit of the production. I was inspired by the concept of interlinking of rivers if it will avert flood and famine. It is the course of the river that sets it apart, and what if the path was altered? This was a bold experiment.”

Dancer Priya Murle adds a spiritual dimension, “Just as Adi Sankara’s process of self-enquiry negated identification with matters outside the self, we wanted to explore the path of no path in Bharatanatyam.”